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Golden Boy and the Three Bears: Making the Team Arick Lampsen

Golden Boy and the Three Bears: Making the Team

Arick Lampsen

Kindle Edition
28 pages
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 About the Book 

Greg Bodune. The pretty boy quarterback was a first-round draft pick, but his coach and teammates arent thrilled about adding him to the team.When burly coach Dolph Hungreer and two of the teams giant offensive linemen invite the rookie to join them in the basement, things spiral out of control.The three bears take the golden boy through the paces, showing him exactly what it takes to make the roster.This 6,000+ word tale features three hairy bears and a slender blond athlete engaged in a variety of hot, sticky and very ADULT activities.This is gay bear erotica of the first order. Greg spends a great deal of time on his knees before the three hairy brutes he needs to impress...EXCERPT:Hungreer spoke, Strip down to your shorts, Bodune. You cant do this in a fucking suit.By this time, Murfree was also down to a jock strap. The fat mans athletic supporter was framed by a forest of pubic and thigh hair. He was positioning himself on the bench of a weight machine.Bodune was relieved. They wanted to make him workout. They wanted to see that he was physically capable. They werent down in the basement with a plan to beat him up. This was a chance to prove himself. To start down the path of becoming part of the team.He took of his jacket and then his shirt, revealing his smooth, hairless chest. Then, after getting out his shoes and socks, he unbuckled his pants and stepped out of them. He stood in front of the giants in his pinstriped boxers.Greg looked back at the mirror. He just knew they were impressed. He was the physical ideal.Hungreer stared at him for a long time. Then, dramatically, he said, Lets see what this bitch can do. Let the games begin. Epzen, youre in charge.